Stepping Out Of Our Comfort Zone. 

It’s easy to stay in a comfortable place for the remainder of our lives, but when we’re not moving, we don’t grow. Individuals will eventually start getting tired of the same routines, begin to lose our minds, and maybe go into an unhappiness state. It’s understandable, but to get out of this, we’ve got to start somewhere. We need to remember to take baby steps. To build the courage, open up our minds to possibilities, looking at the positive sides, and talking to people who have been through this, are just a few ways, to grow.  Confidence and feeling of accomplishment will start to feed into the soul. Remember small baby steps is key. Deep diving into a situation where we don’t know how to deal with it isn’t what is recommended.

Why is it important to step out of our comfort zones?

  • Opens new opportunities.
  • Boosts self-confidence.
  • Learning about new weakness and strengths.
  • Creating a new self-image.
  • Maintaining relationships of support system.
  • Mainly, learning a lot. Learning things that you have not to know before. And learning is good for the mind.

When ones having a difficult time stepping out of their comfort zone, it’s important to ask around. A good support system will only make the transition healthier. Sure enough, they have experienced through the similar change we are currently going through or will go through. Seeking advice can help us be aware of what is to come and prepare for it.

But, do we want to know one main, key, significant, important, vital (ok, I’m done) to step out of our comfort zone? It is not to settle for less. Sounds easy, right? Not as easy as we think. Let’s ask ourselves this question? How long have we been working at our workplace? Have we been considering to change jobs? Have we considered to look at other jobs? In the process of looking at jobs have we started to make excuses? These are only one aspect of one’s life. But, it implies to every stage that one goes through in a lifespan.

People miss amazing opportunities when they are comfortable in their own comfort zone. They are afraid to take that approach with that person, accept an offer, or do a chilling adventure, because they do not want to change their routine nor do they want to have an uncomfortable feeling. Not a lot of people know, but a little secret is that change is good in life. Change is good because we are learning and growing as an individual. We’re going to feel discomfort because we’re not used to changing. Take it as a good transformation for the mind and soul.

Next time we are afraid to do something or approach someone, remember why we are not doing it. Picture how the soul would feel after we’ve stepped out of our comfort zone. Yeah, it’s an amazing feeling.

Trust The Timing Of Life.

Here’s a little bit of myself to tie in with today’s topic. I’m currently 23 years of age. I had to go through four different post-secondary educational institutes and four diverse programs to be where I am now. Yes, it took me five years to understand what I wanted to do, and that is ok because life is full of learning curves. There are numerous of us right now, at this moment, who are going through the same thing, already went through it who can relate or will go through some point in our life. One important element is to realize is that our valuable time will come to shine and make it our year. All it comes to is patience and go along for the ride.

A lesson I learned from this process is that there is no such thing as milestones in life that need to be passed at a certain age. Things such as marriage, finishing post-secondary education, starting a family and obtaining a professional job can be done at our time and at our pace. Questions we often ask ourselves while going through this process are why do we need to pass these achievements at a specific age? Why can’t we pass them later in life?  Who said things needed to be done at a certain age?

No one should feel like we are racing our time in our life or to anyone else. A notion we shouldn’t be doing is comparing our life to others around us. There was a time in my life, where I was scared things weren’t going according to how I liked it. Until when I told myself to roll with the punches, was when everything started to fall into place. I started to live in the moment and appreciated what I have learned so far. Even thinking about the future, believe in the timing and hustle in the present to get to our goal.

Everything happens for a reason. Our like and dislikes become different as we grow older. A friend we were friends within the past might not be in our life now because of different reasons. Reason being to teach us a lesson at that time or to stay friends with us for life and give us memories. Our story is written differently compared to other people. We shouldn’t feel as if times are running out o get to where our age needs to be. Its okay to be late.

Now, what does that mean? Is it we needing to act precisely each minute of the hour to get to where we need to be? Or does it mean we need to be patient and allow the universe (any god you believe in) to work on our storybook? Ding! Ding! Ding! We need to allow timing to do its thing. It’s going to be difficult because when we see our friends, family, and passerby with anything that we have been asking for days, months and years, we’ll begin to feel disappointed. But want to know something? We are all the same. We may think, the next door neighbor, got it easy, but in reality we all go through discouragements, failures and a loss of confidence to finally understand timing is working in our own pace and to believe in ourselves  We all see the final product of other people’s’ success but we don’t see how long it took for individuals to arrive at that spot.

At the end of the day, everything will come to us when the universe knows when we are ready for it. In the meantime, keep hustlin’ and have our head held high. Our time is coming.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

We can understand people say things others to hear but don’t follow through with it. Maybe, it’s to make the person feel affectionate or close the conversation itself. People want to feel a sense of satisfaction at the fact the person thought about the idea. Saying it out loud to the public, the individual feels a sense of validation from everyone. Validation from others around them who agrees to the same concept. Unfortunately, the words spoken, are not always what the individual really meant. With that, it causes judgment. In judgment will show if we are true to our words or are just saying it for the sake of saying it. This is why people don’t believe in words from others, they believe in the action. This is a way of trust and relationship to be built. We observe if someone is telling the truth by seeing their actions. Whether it was us going to the gym, treating the girl of our dreams with respect, catching up with our friend over dinner or paying for that bill we’ve been meaning to pay. This is how we create meaningful relationships and keep long-lasting friendships.

This topic relates well in relationships. How many of us have heard the following phrases:  I’m not going to treat her the way I treated my ex-girlfriend. I’m done being in a relationship. I’m happy to be alone. I will change for the better. We can say we love a person all the time, we care for them and the person means a lot to us, but we need to show all of that if it really means to our soul. As years go by in the relationship, showing them that we love them will keep the spark alive.  This gives the couple a sense of satisfaction that their significance is still head over heels in love.

        Even in friendship, we all have hundreds of people on our contact list who we call as friends. We may have a couple of memories with them here and there from years ago. We need to dig deeper than that. Find true friends who have stuck by through good times and bad times. Keep the ones who have showed true love and affectionate. Those are the kinds of friends who will be there throughout life and keep words faithfully. Take away individuals who have constantly backed down on their words, broke promises and went back to their old personality traits.

While writing this article post, I was thinking what statements we are constantly yelling out and not following through with actions. A perfect example was, working out. I know what we ALL are thinking. This is I. I was supposed to work out in the morning or after coming home from work, and we’re sitting there looking at the time and saying its already late. We are telling our bodies we do it tomorrow. Even if we haven’t started to go to the gym, we are still telling ourselves we will do it tomorrow, and tomorrow and then tomorrow. Lets us start now. Speaking true to ourselves and following our words, will only make us trust ourselves when surrounded by our friends and loved ones. Let us put that energy of telling others that we are going to do a certain task, to actually putting in the effort to do it. Not only will it feel good for the body, but then you will start to trust yourself because you are keeping your word for yourself.

Busy. Busy. Busy. It’s A Blessing.

I was recently struggling through this process. August of 2018 I withdrew from my job to go back to full-time school. Now, schooling was exclusively three days of the week for 6 hours. You can envision, on my off days I was catching up on notes and assignments, leaving me with the majority of the days hanging out with Netflix, chilling with my boyfriend, friends, and family. I was losing my mind when I had too much time to own on my hands. Then, when you know it, I received a full-time job, full-time school and became a full-time blogger amongst with full-time relationships, friendships and family time.

You’d bet if I had a notion about three months ago when all I had to be concerned was school. Now that I am constantly occupied, don’t get me wrong, there are days where I want a whole day to myself doing nothing, but being occupied has had me learning and valuing life. Then I thought to myself, that I’m thankful. Not many of us have the opportunity to attend activities, school, and work. I’m thankful for the opportunities exposed to me because it is teaching me to be responsible in life, pushing me out of restricted boundaries and teaching me how to prioritize to work in an efficient way to quickly get tasks done.

Why is it important to keep yourself occupied?

  • Opens new doors
  • Reaching a new height in life/work life
  • Gain new experience
  • Teaches how to multitask
  • Prioritizing different tasks.
  • Boosts of self-confidence
  • Keeping the mind healthy

In life, when life is constantly a go-go-go, educating yourself on how to be organized with your tasks can make every single thing can run smoothly. Writing your tasks down on a list is one of the ways to achieve your tasks. You will feel a boost of confidence when accomplishments are made in that checklist.  When working on some of the different tasks on that list, remember to absorb all the information given to you during that task. Its key to remember to be grateful when you have a lot on your plate because all of the tasks are to challenge you to think bigger and gain new knowledge. of it can be gone within a second.

Many individuals vocalize that they love to keep themselves busy. The reason why people say this is because they would like to keep their mind occupied from bad deeds. Even if it is not bad deeds, they would like to keep themselves occupied from becoming lazy. Some like to eliminate troubled thoughts from their mind and negativity from their bodies. Any activities such as working out, going to a paint lounge, having a hobby or even cooking are ways for people to clear their minds and think positive. It’s extremely important to have some sort of pastime other than school or work to keep your mind occupied because it will teach you to be organized with time and you yourself will grow mentally from being exposed to a different environment with a whole different set of people to work with.

Hello There, 2019!
Not making a difficult new years resolution will be our new year’s’ resolution. I’ve always been the one to make a new year’s resolution on new years, get excited about it and fall off the wagon after a couple of months. I’m sure many of us have been through this situation. We don’t have to set resolutions on New Year’s Day in order to achieve it. If the body or mind is asking for a thing we can start a new goal tomorrow. I started to believe in going with the flow system. Listening to the mind and body to see what it is asking for and then setting a goal for it.

I didn’t make any new year’s resolution for the past couple of years, but I did promise myself to make one goal and work on it. Maybe we should all try this too.

My one goal for 2019 is to be happy. It’s a super broad and cliche word. Being happy and surrounding myself with positive people has been one of my dreams. Happiness for me is being able to think freely. Not allowing any negativity affect my self-doubt or constant criticism. To go on walks and listen to music, so the soul is happy. To exercise at the gym with the sole aim of improving my health and fitness, instead of running to burn off the pizza I ate at 12 am. To make scheduled calls or planned dates with family and friends who mean the most to me. To not care about certain people or words that don’t impact becoming a better person. To appreciate the little things & to live in the moment.

I started my self-love and happiness journey (super cliche) early last year because I realized that unless I started to love myself unconditionally nothing was ever going to change. I would carry on being the depressed, socially anxious, alcohol dependent and the food-fearing person I had been for the past few years until I realized my own worth. I’m close to being absolute self-love, yet still, have a lot more things to work on. I don’t go to the gym, I don’t do yoga and I rarely eat superfoods but what I do choose every day is to put myself first. To be more conscious about my surroundings and what I put into this wonderful body of mine. If I want to go to the gym, I’ll put on my sweats and go. If there’s anything I want to do and it’s within my power to do it, I will. Because for me, happiness isn’t about having the perfect body or a perfect house. It’s about doing the things I enjoy simply because I can and waking up every day loving the person I am regardless of what other people may think.
In 2019 I don’t choose to tell myself to be happy, but I make wonderful consciously choices to be happy.

What is our one goal for 2019? Share them on the IG post.


Stop Worrying About People’s Opinions!.

Do we find ourselves constantly analyzing people’s reactions to our decision-making skills? Do we obsess over how others receive us? To block this bad energy, we have to learn how to let go. Maintaining emotional detachment from what is going on in others’ minds will help us block negative energy. We base our actions and decision on how we expect other people to perceive us. We don’t always do the things we do because of what others will think.

Example: As simple as it can get, acting silly out in public. At first, someone who might be reserved may find it annoying, but also might tell the person keep quiet because of what ‘others’ might think. In reality, be silly, be funny, be loud and be happy. At the end of the day, it’s all in the mindset to not care about others opinions.

Individuals who worry about others opinions are people-pleasers. They are the ones who tailor their life to fit others expectations. Embarrassment and shame aren’t pleasant to experience but are most likely to be motivated to correct past mistakes when we experience those feelings. When We let others’ opinion of us dictate our happiness, We lose power over our positive energy.

By observing feelings, accepting them for what they are, and letting them go, our energy will become impenetrable. We need to learn to live our life for ourselves. We all want to be liked and appreciated by many people. This can get us in trouble because we start to live other people’s lives by relying on other opinions. This can be pivotal to our success. To go outside, dress the way, talk the way, listen to music and watch a movie for ourselves and for our purpose only. Worrying about other people’s opinions will only hurt oneself more than making them better. Now, there will be situations where sometimes listening to other people’s opinions will matter, but that is only when you’ve certainly hit rock bottom

Throughout the days, we might be thinking about how people might be judging us. But the truth is those people are thinking the exact same way. People will always judge us. That is one thing we can’t stop. What can be stopped though is how it affects us. Remember to stand up for what we believe in and what we love to do. There are many people who love to step out of their comfort zone but are terrified of what others may think of themselves. Remember that the people who matter to us and have an impact in our life are the ones We should care about, not someone walking down the street whom We’ve seen for a split second.



2 thoughts on “MOTIVATION.

  1. Tharshika you are great. I wish you for a bright shiny future . I love the way you presented. The block I can open again and again. May your life be full of love and laughter. May god bless you!
    With love indrani aunty


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