5 Advice For Dating Someone In A Different Culture.

  • Have common interests: Before finding out each others difference, there was a reason why both had an interest to date. Explore the common interests together as a couple. You can also try new things together that both of you haven’t tried, or one has tried and would like to introduce it into the relationship. It’s nice because there will be something that both of you can conversate over.
  • Be confident: As simple as it can get. I am really sure that if you are brought up in a household with strict parents, bringing in a man or a woman who is from a different ethnicity will not be accepted. This is totally understandable because parents’ mentality is set in back-home values, wherever that is. However, they were brought up, taught certain values and reached goals in the way they want to teach us. But it’ll be quite difficult since you’re growing up in a country where there are all kinds of colored men and women around. Whether it is our parents, friends, aunts, uncle, grandparents, they will say things to break the relationship apart. But needing to be confident in the relationship is key. Understand each another, talk to each other about running into family problems and fight for the relationship. Bring them to family events, talk about them proudly to family members, bring them to the house for one-on-one conversations. At the end of the day, parents are only come out of love, but reassurance that the relationship will work is important.
  • Respect each other’s difference: There will be a lot of variation showcasing throughout the relationship. Whether it is religion, values, beliefs, culture, food, lifestyle, it will eventually all come out. But don’t be shocked of how and why they do certain things or thinks that way. This is how they were brought up and believed their entire life. Respecting their difference and learning from it is how a couple grows. Instead, understand why certain things are done in another way, said differently, celebrated on this day, or how things are done. There will be a culture shock. Many are infused with the same beliefs. Communicate with each other about it and be knowledgeable. This doesn’t mean people live the life they are living. Be in their shoes and understand every little thing about them.
  • Not caring about other people’s opinions: This is a quite difficult tip to follow because I was one to follow this. Every single person in one’s life will have an opinion, even a stranger on the bus staring down at you hard will have an opinion about your relationship. When growing up in a family-oriented environment,  respecting peoples’ opinions, values and decision are taught. But, when happiness is bloomed in the relationship, your significant other is treating you right and loves your family, then sometimes it just needs to go one ear and out the other. The people around might not understand how good of a person they are until its seen. Family members will define stereotypes, giving a list of disadvantages of the relationship and worst-case scenario, maybe stop talking to you. If it does come to it, talk to them about it, tell them where you stand.  This is the effort it takes to make them understand that we are happy and want to be in this relationship.  Everyone will have an opinion about the relationship but do what feels right.
  • Open communication: We can’t stress how important this is. Both need to have an open communication about everything. Discussions about any issues that may need to be addressed because of each others difference. This will
    Image By Zubada

    allow both to be open-minded and accept one another. Huge consideration couples need to understand is a language barrier when going to a family function. It’s a given for aunties and uncles to speak in their language, but it is also thoughtful if our significant other translates to each other what they are talking about. When our partners translate each other, we’ll feel part of the family, and maybe chime into the conversation.

For those of you who are in a similar situation, do you have anything that has helped above? Or have any of your own? Comment below or send an email. Lets Talk!

Recharging Our Mind And Soul.

Why is it important to recharge our body?

  • Gives space for self-discovery
  • Improves our concentration
  • Helps us unwind
  • Allows time for deep-thinking
  • Improves our relationships
  • Value Individuality
  • Reconcile with ourselves
  • Self-consciousness
  • Enhances performance

In society, it is looked down to be in touch of our negative side or to be solitary, but it is vital. We constantly get caught up with everyone’s plan, lacking attention to our mental state. It is okay to say no because we can’t be used to everyone when we are mentally drained. Sure, live the best life. In order for us to enjoy the company, our minds need to be at peace. We help other people rise to the top or help with their problems when we’re still unsatisfied with ourselves. It’s important to put ourselves first before anyone’s happiness. Constantly doing things for other people can become a negativity on our mental state. When we are constantly surrounded by individuals who love to go out often and spend money, that same mindset will incorporate into ours. So, it’s vital to rejuvenate our body to understand who we are. When we give our time and attention away to people we tend to lose our individuality. This doesn’t only apply to work life but with our relationships, with people, also.

We often see couples constantly glued together. It is very precious to observe the beautiful couple be madly in love. But, that can add a stress to the relationship when there is no space given to one another. Remember, as a couple, we are still our own individual self. Remind each other to do an activity that doesn’t require both involvements. This will help the couple step away and rejuvenate, benefiting their love to a different level. Our soul should be carefree before we surround happiness with friends and family. Our mind will express crazy headaches, body aches, and pains that won’t go away, which are indications for us to slow down and breathe. Acknowledge those feelings and take action right away. Take action that doesn’t involve the community. Even if it is 10 minutes out of the day. Be present within those 10 minutes. This means no distractions of any sort. This allows us to reconnect and be happier for a long run. During recovery, the mind declutters, being able to see life more clearly.

Here are some Tips & Tricks

  • Dedicate one day of the week for a few hours for an activity of our choice.
  • Be firm in passing up plans with family and friends.
  • Reward the body with some delicious treats that aren’t often eaten.
  • Put on soul soothing music on blast. Hearing music that makes us feel comfortable and relaxing will put us in a great mood.
  • Set time for a bubble bath and a glass of wine. Nothing beats with a tub filled with aromatic, candles and flowers.

4 Quick Tips To Connecting With Others.

Making connections doesn’t have to be heart to heart conversations. It can be as straightforward as a pleasant discussion with a store clerk, a gentleman holding a door for us or a text message from a very close friend to satisfy our need from the community. Generating a connection with individuals who we know or may not know brings a new aspect in life. It can be two individuals with similar interests sharing life experiences. More interestingly, it can also be two people educating one another which builds a bond. It opens our eyes to another perspective in life that we don’t see. When we do make that connection with others, we sense an association with life.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to get ourselves out to make connections with others in the community.

  • Starting classes. Many people start class because they want to pursue a career in the future. But, for some, this is another way of finding friends outside out of their normal routine and building networks.
  • Joining a group. There are many groups available for anyone to join, for free or paid. Whether it be a book club, sewing club, pigeon club, hiking club or biking club. It’s also a great way for people to find others with the same interest and connect.
  • Volunteering: This is a huge one because whether it is our first experience or we’ve done it many times, it’s a great way to network with individuals working in the industry.
  • Reaching out: Heading out to social events which we’re not comfortable attending too.

It’s essential to have a bond with our friends so they know people around them have gone through the same circumstances in life. It doesn’t need to be life situations but owning similar interests can bond two together. Just last week, a really good friend of mine, reached out to me after years. My good friend, unfortunately, was double booked. As an alternative, he offered me to come by to meet him, along with his friends. Now, I’m the type of person to say no. Why? 1. I don’t know them. 2. They’re not my friends 3. I don’t know we will connect since I don’t know them. But, how would I know if I don’t go? Luckily, my friend encouraged me to come and insisted that his friends were a good group of people. Connecting with my friend, I was beyond grateful because we both knew each other for more than a couple of years and we’ve grown mentally and emotionally. With his friends, even though I didn’t know them, I immediately kindred with the majority of them, which made my night. From the minute I walked in, there wasn’t a moment where I wasn’t laughing from cheek to cheek. All of his friends were incredibly generous and fortunately, I didn’t want to leave when I planned too, which was a positive sign at the fact that I was with a good group of people

Here is another situation, but with outsiders, that took place a couple of days ago. While I was waiting for my bus to arrive, I was approached by a gentleman, inquiring if I was taking the same bus. My initial impression was a red sign, but after encountering a few little conversations with him, I figured he was doing no harm. He also mentioned that he was waiting for his mother to take her home which made me more comfortable and less stressed of what his intentions were if they’re any. But we had a great conversation within the 30 minutes, including his mother. We were talking about relationships, religion, and our interests in life. They’re numerous commodities mentioned in the conversation which we both learned off of one another. Without fail, I’ve believed there is a rationale for people to walk into our lives. It is either to educate us in a situation we’re going through or to be in our existence forever.

With this situation, I sensed the universe was revealing me to be more open and bond with people whom we come across from. Not everyone out there is out for bad intentions. When we feel a good energy, we require to take the opportunity and learn a thing or two from them.  Creating acquaintance is bumping to a good group of people or individuals either known or unknown whose company is to motivate and send positive vibes within the atmosphere.

10 Tips On Maintaining Healthy Relationships 

Constructing healthy relationships with partners, family and friends is beneficial for us. It improves on our mood, mental health and well being.

Here are some tips for keeping a relationship healthy and content.

  1.   Make the relationship a priority. Whether it is with friends, family or partners, make sure to put the relationship first. It will be difficult knowing that there are work and school in the middle of everything. Balancing it out and learning to say no is a healthy tip to place our priorities first.
  1.    Communication: Verbalizing any issues that took place, not only aids the relationship, but it lightens any misunderstandings that arose during the commotion. Lay everything out on the table and observe commodity on their side and our side. Don’t leave the table until everything is resolved.
  1.    Don’t neglect the little things. Manners are important not just for strangers, but someone we’ve been with for 20 years. Consistently complimenting them on little things keeps the relationship alive. Not also complement one another, but showing affection through non-verbal will keep the spark going.
  1.    Never go to bed angry. Super cliché statement that everyone has heard numerous times. Any situation we’ve argued on that day should be settled on that day before both heads to bed.
  1.    Support one another. Everyone’s’ interests and goals are different. Supporting each other to where they want to be in life only helps to reach that goal. Being there every step of the way and helping them out will make them succeed not just the goal but as a couple.
  1.    Agree to disagree. Many arguments we get into will have an agree to disagree moment. Accept and understand their side of the situation. Don’t always have the last word, but come to common grounds about the topic
  1.    Love yourself. To love someone unconditionally, we need to love ourselves unconditionally. Love yourself for who we are mentally and physically.
  1.    Be truthful. No matter what happens always speak the truth. Lying will only hurt both individuals. Besides, who wants to remember lies on top of lies.
  1.    Forgive. Always forgive to forget. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. Whether it’s what we said or did, when we love someone or don’t love someone, a connection happens when we talk it out and forgive them.
  1.    Be precise on what our mind wants. In every relationship, there are always grey areas. Always lay out what both find acceptable and don’t find acceptable. This then will not make anyone upset if something does arise.

Keeping our relationship with family, friends and significant other in great shape definitely takes work. Talk about things that we think could be better. Be clear about what’s bothering us, and be respectful. Good communication is a big part of solving problems. If we have trouble working through things on our own, we might consider getting help from someone outside our relationship. Sometimes talking with a counselor or therapist can help work through issues and improve the relationship.


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