Recharging Our Mind And Soul

We’re all very busy. Our tight schedule tends to get very repetitive. Whether we’re working, a stay at home parent, or a full-time student. It’s incredibly important to take time off for ourselves. We hear plenty of people stating that they don’t have 10 minutes out of their time to freshen up. Only to find that the person had plenty of time, maybe putting other people’s happiness or plans first and not prioritizing themselves wisely. We push aside our alone time when we become exhausted from our day. Stepping away from the normal routine to refresh the body will motivate the soul to push through the week. Read more. 

Trust The Timing of Life

We may witness everyone’s life to be blossoming as a beautiful flower. We all seem to know what people want to do in life. Yet, we feel we’re still in the same place. It doesn’t seem like the universe is listening to what we want. We feel like giving everything up, or believing in the universe. Well, mostly giving up. Remember it’s going to be ok and to go with the flow. The best things come when it is least expected. Read More

Stepping Out Of Our Comfort Zone

A question to think of: why don’t people step out of their comfort zone? As human beings we crave for more of the natural habits and comfort we are known for doing. We’re used to the same routine, know our stance in a place, and know our belonging in life. People don’t like to step out of their comfort zone because of change. When we change, it comes with discomfort. With discomfort it comes with self-doubt. With self-doubt it turns to fear. When fear roams, we go back to our normal routine. Continue to read more.  

5 Advice On Dating Someone From A Different Culture

We live in a country where we are friends with beautiful multi-cultured men and women. Our hearts can’t do anything but fall in love with someone who is from a different culture. And that is ok. When you are millennial, it is quite difficult to date someone within your own culture because we are in a generation where we love to explore and be different. Relationships itself will have its difficulties, but when there is a different nation mixed in, that’s a whole other story. Here are some of my advice on dating someone outside of your culture.

Image By: Kamal Dollah,